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– Computer introduction

– Precourse

– Computer networks

– Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology


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Cryptocurrencies video below

Dark web video below

for the rest of this part use the book on the side

Basic Information Systems book


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Excel function translation for those who have Excel in German or Italian

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Relational databases

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Videos of lessons

You find all the available videos in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz33NgbtebwHclO7X55Zc5Cq2cfPQp5DH

You find all the previous exams in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz33NgbtebwHclO7X55Zc5Cq2cfPQp5DH


List of previous exams texts and files (here) and solutions (below)

Filename / LinkSize
exam04.zip57.49 Kb
exam05.zip452.84 Kb
exam06.zip189.39 Kb
exam07.zip68.9 Kb
exam08.zip38.25 Kb
exam09.zip75.34 Kb
exam10.zip187.65 Kb
exam11.zip116.07 Kb
exam12.zip250.76 Kb
exam13.zip125.97 Kb
exam14.zip168.45 Kb
exam15.zip104.78 Kb
exam16.zip208.02 Kb
exam17.zip207.16 Kb
exam18.zip183.3 Kb
exam19.zip183.79 Kb
exam20.zip219.83 Kb
exam21.zip181.5 Kb
exam22.zip138.52 Kb
exam23.zip1.18 Mb
exam24.zip119.41 Kb
exam25.zip597.27 Kb
exam26.zip344.66 Kb
exam27.zip453.91 Kb
exam28.zip470.25 Kb
exam29.zip470.09 Kb
exam30.zip477.29 Kb
exam31.zip1.43 Mb
exam32.zip1.39 Mb
exam34.zip543.28 Kb
exam35.zip735.67 Kb
exam38.zip525.38 Kb
exam40.zip217.78 Kb
exam42.zip459.7 Kb
exam43.zip896.97 Kb
exam45.zip841.51 Kb
exam48.zip1.08 Mb
exam50.zip798.94 Kb
exam51.zip2.24 Mb
exam55.zip3.56 Mb
exam56m.zip1.2 Mb
exam57.zip1.44 Mb
exam58.zip741 Kb
exam61.zip926.86 Kb
exam62m.zip2.61 Mb
exam63.zip1.73 Mb
exam64.zip3.27 Mb
exam67.zip1.68 Mb
exam78-30104.zip416.77 Kb
exam80-30104.zip665.99 Kb
solution04.zip76.22 Kb
solution05.zip385.48 Kb
solution06.zip364.83 Kb
solution07.zip38.86 Kb
solution08.zip172.88 Kb
solution09.zip112.92 Kb
solution10.zip76.53 Kb
solution11.zip51.16 Kb
solution12.zip487.88 Kb
solution13.zip274.89 Kb
solution14.zip81.92 Kb
solution15.zip73.18 Kb
solution16.zip60.4 Kb
solution17.zip101.19 Kb
solution18.zip203.33 Kb
solution19.zip163.89 Kb
solution20.zip173.1 Kb
solution21.zip190.75 Kb
solution22.zip208.74 Kb
solution23.zip1.2 Mb
solution24.zip162.99 Kb
solution25.zip395.15 Kb
solution26.zip387.99 Kb
solution27.zip299.85 Kb
solution28.zip351.95 Kb
solution29.zip267.57 Kb
solution30.zip377.04 Kb
solution31.zip3.99 Mb
solution32.zip1.33 Mb
solution34.zip508.14 Kb
solution35.zip1.14 Mb
solution38.zip1.07 Mb
solution40.zip271.14 Kb
solution42.zip493.48 Kb
solution43.zip1.48 Mb
solution45.zip1.29 Mb
solution48.zip2.92 Mb
solution50.zip2.23 Mb
solution51.zip559.82 Kb
solution55.zip11.12 Mb
solution56m.zip2.31 Mb
solution57.zip8.82 Mb
solution58.zip1.59 Mb
solution61.zip1.12 Mb
solution62m.zip6.83 Mb
solution63.zip3.42 Mb
solution64.zip1.2 Mb
solution67.zip4.17 Mb
solution78-30104.zip382.94 Kb
solution80-30104.zip467.31 Kb