Files used in class

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ATC21.ipynb11.09 Kb
ATC21exe.ipynb2.56 Kb
ATC21todo.ipynb3.78 Kb
ATC22.ipynb18.93 Kb
ATC22exe.ipynb3.13 Kb
ATC22exe_old.ipynb4.71 Kb
ATC22todo.ipynb8.42 Kb
ATC23.ipynb14.13 Kb
ATC23exe.ipynb15.14 Kb
ATC23todo.ipynb12.61 Kb
ATC24exe.ipynb10.54 Kb
ATC24todo.ipynb16.84 Kb
ATC25exe.ipynb18.95 Kb
ATC26exe.ipynb22.6 Kb
Python02.ipynb19.77 Kb
Python02_exe.ipynb11.08 Kb
Python02_todo.ipynb11.87 Kb
Python03.ipynb20.08 Kb
Python03_exe.ipynb7.99 Kb
Python03_todo.ipynb13.75 Kb
Python04.drawio37.87 Kb
Python04.pdf295.41 Kb
Python04_todo_exe.docx40.35 Kb
Python05.drawio104.11 Kb
Python05.ipynb17.78 Kb
Python05_exe.ipynb10.09 Kb
Python05_todo.ipynb11.88 Kb
Python06.ipynb98.18 Kb
Python06_exe.ipynb2.37 Kb
Python06_todo.ipynb126.73 Kb
Python07.ipynb17.17 Kb
Python07_exe.ipynb3.68 Kb
Python07_exe_SOLVED.ipynb6.92 Kb
Python07_todo.ipynb10.35 Kb
Python08.ipynb35.38 Kb
Python08_exe.ipynb21.2 Kb
Python08_todo.ipynb20.64 Kb
Python09.ipynb114.66 Kb
Python09_exe.ipynb9.05 Kb
Python09_todo.ipynb6.4 Kb
Python10.ipynb13.61 Kb
Python10_exe.ipynb7.93 Kb
Python10_todo.ipynb7.68 Kb
Python11.ipynb11.15 Kb
Python11_exe.ipynb11.22 Kb
Python11_todo.ipynb8.17 Kb
Python12.ipynb16.94 Kb
Python12_exe.ipynb15.91 Kb
Python12_todo.ipynb12.28 Kb
midtermTrainingSolved.ipynb78.21 Kb
midtermTrainingWithoutSolution.ipynb51.31 Kb
splitString.ipynb3.91 Kb


Videos of lessons

Video name
precourse 01
YouTube Precourse for Windows 10 on unibz network and file handling, first part.
precourse 02
YouTube Precourse for Windows 10 on unibz network and file handling, second part.
precourse Mac 01
YouTube Precourse for Mac on unibz network and file handling, first part.
precourse Mac 02
YouTube Precourse for Mac on unibz network and file handling, second part.
01 Anaconda and Jupyter
02 basic Python
YouTube Basic Python programming, Bakus-Naur form, integer and float variables, string variables, find method.
How to solve problems

How to solve computer problems explained with a carpentry example

03 procedures and decisions
YouTube Procedures, tab, logical expressions, and, or, not, If, else, elif.
04 flowcharts
YouTube Flowcharts
05 while and complexity
YouTube While loops, break, multiple assignment, computational complexity
07 Solving problems
YouTube How to tackle a computational problem
08 Lists
YouTube Lists and strings, loops, objects and their differences towards variables.
10 Dictionaries
YouTube Flags, dictionaries, tuples.
cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
12 Hash functions
YouTube Using hashes for fingerprints, for existence proof, for hiding PIN or passwords, for mining bitcoins
21 Search algorithms
YouTube Majority problem, Sequential search, Binary search, recursion
22 Sorting algorithms
YouTube Bubble Sort and Merge Sort
23 Timetable problem
YouTube Brute-force algorithm
24 Knapsack problem
YouTube Knapsack problem with branch and bound algorithm
25 Backtracking algorithm
YouTube Backtracking algorithm applied to timetable problem
26 Graphs and paths
YouTube Finding all paths in a graph. Edmonds–Karp algorithm
27 to do
28 to do    


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